How To Replace A Self Sticking Tile Square On Your Kitchen Floor

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Soft vinyl tiles on the kitchen floor can get easily damaged when you move appliances away from the wall to clean underneath and behind them. All it takes is for one of the little metal legs on the refrigerator or stove to dig into the vinyl to rip and destroy the self-sticking tile on the floor. There's no real way to patch damage like that and you'll have to replace the tile to get the floor looking good again. Here is how to remove and replace a damaged self-sticking tile on your kitchen floor.

Removing the Tile

Self-sticking tile has an adhesive on the back of it that makes it stick to the plywood sub-flooring underneath the surface of the floor. You need to loosen that adhesive so you can pry the tile off of the sub-flooring. One of the easiest ways to loosen the adhesive is to first warm it up with a regular house iron used for clothing and drapes.

Set the iron on a piece of plywood over the damaged tile and turn it on. The plywood helps to distribute the heat around the top of the tile. Set the iron at a mid-range temperature to start and let it sit on the piece of plywood for a few minutes. Take a putty knife and see if you can lift up on the tile. If the adhesive doesn't start to loosen, then raise the temperature on the iron a few more degrees and let it sit for a few more minutes before prying the tile off of the floor.

After you remove the damaged tile, make sure you scrape the remaining adhesive off of the subflooring.

Buying Replacement Tile

You need to replace the tile with as exact a replica as you can get to make sure the repair job doesn't detract from the style and color of the other tiles on the floor. Take the damaged tile with you to a tile or hardware store so you can match it up as closely as possible to the self-sticking tiles they have for sale.

Replacing Tile

Match up the tile to the other ones on the floor. Be careful to make certain that any patterns or designs match up properly with the tiles that will be next to the new one. Make sure you cut the tile down to size if you have to make it smaller to fit in the space on the floor before you remove the film on the back covering the adhesive. This will make the job cleaner and easier. Take the film off of the back of the self-sticking tile once you have it aligned up with the others on the floor and press it firmly down into the open space.

If you need any more help, contact a tile flooring company.