What You Should Know About Marble Flooring Tiles

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Upgrading the flooring in your home is a great way to improve its appearance and increase the home's value if you decide to sell in the future. One of the most expensive flooring tiles to choose from is marble. Here are some things to know about marble flooring tiles so you can decide if they will work good in your home. 

The Tones of Marble Vary

The first thing you should know about marble flooring tiles is that their colors and tones can vary a lot. Typically, the classifications of the marble slab are what change the overall hue and vein patterns of the stone. For example, some marble contains more magnesium, while other marble is classified as dolomite or calcite. Common colors you can see in marble include green, brown, and black. However, some of these different classifications cause pink, red, or white hues. Since the colors vary so widely, you should order more tiles than you think you will need. If you don't, the store might be out of the exact hue you need, and it may be very difficult locating marble tiles that match exactly.

Marble Tile is Very Durable

One of the biggest benefits to choosing marble tile flooring for your home is that it is very hard and durable. Marble can handle a lot of heavy weight, so dropping a heavy piece of furniture will likely not break it. However, it is important that you seal the tile so you can avoid certain types of stains and moisture damage, which can still occur with this type of tile. As long as you take good care of it, it will last a long time.

It Remains Cold to the Touch

A disadvantage to marble tile flooring is that it is very cold, and remains cold regardless of the temperature inside your home. This can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on the circumstances. It is a great feature to have if you live somewhere that tends to get hot and you don't have air conditioning in your home. The tile can help to cool you off when you walk on it barefoot. Unfortunately, it can also make you extremely cold since it never warms up. You may be spending a lot of time wearing slippers or socks in your home.

Since marble is a heavy tile, you will need to be sure your home's flooring can accommodate the weight. It is highly recommended that you have it professionally installed in case reinforcements need to be added first.