Kids And Carpets: Three Common Mishaps And How You Can Fix The Carpets

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Kids and pets can cause messy or dangerous mishaps to your carpet. If you have kids and they have done quite the number on your carpets, you are not alone. As the following information shows, these three common mishaps occurred in homes where kids and carpets have met. Fortunately for you, the following will also provide you with some solutions for fixing these mishaps.

Hot Irons Dropped on the Carpet

Regardless of whether or not your iron is plugged in, you can probably thank your lucky stars that the kid responsible for dropping the hot iron on the carpet did not burn the whole house down. Carpet under a hot iron will melt, burn and even scorch or burst into flames, a truly dangerous thing to catch if your naughty little "monkey" did not unplug the hot iron after dropping it there. Since most carpet is often made of acrylic fibers now, the least you will get is a big, melted crunchy spot, and the most is that your house could catch fire. If you catch it in time and prevent your domicile from combustion, and before you have a long talk with the kids about playing with the iron, use this trick to fix the carpet.

  1. Quickly scrape up hot melted carpet bits with a butter knife. Before the bits cool and adhere to the knife, wipe them off with a dry paper towel or rag.
  2. Quickly cool the area with an ice cube. Rub with a dry rag to fluff remaining carpet threads and dry the area completely.
  3. Use a nail scissors to trim any carpet threads that are now hard and stiff or slightly singed. You may have to trim neighboring threads to make the carpet look uniform in height.

Grape Juice or Red Fruit Drinks

Kids are notorious for taking their food and drink around the house when you are asleep or not looking. When they spill something like purple grape juice or red fruit punch, the stain is a nightmare on light-colored carpets. Work quickly to blot up as much of the spilled drink as you can, then use peroxide and baking soda as a scrub to lift the rest of the stain out. If the stain has already dried, then you may have to work through the stain aggressively with a baking soda and water paste before saturating the area with peroxide and then blotting it until you have the area clean and clear.

Paint and Markers

While you may love the art your children do for you, you do not love it when they decide to add flourishes to the carpet. Whether by accident or intentionally, paint and markers on the carpet are quite a common complaint of homeowners and parents everywhere. Thankfully, if you bought your kids nothing but the washable kinds of kid paint and kid markers, a portable carpet cleaning machine will lift those colorful remnants of art from your carpets. You can also use hand soap and a good, wet rag to get it out.