2 Ways To Handle Pet Odors And Stains On Your Floor

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Your pets can be a joy and delight. They can also be a giant pain in the neck, especially when they are having problems with going to the bathroom where they should. Pet urine can stain your wood floors or your carpets, and can even get into the subflooring. Even if you are able to get all the urine up, you may end up with a pet urine smell. That smell not only annoys but emits chemicals that can attract your pet to pee there again. If you have a pet that is having urination problems, or you are moving into a house where that has been a problem and you don't want your pets to join in, there are things that you can do that will help. 

Change Out the Flooring

When you start looking at all the areas where the pet has peed, you may decide that you have no other choice than to go with a scorched earth policy. In flooring, that means that you have your floor completely pulled up, including any damaged subflooring or carpet padding. That lets you start all over and put down brand new flooring and supports. This is going to be the best idea if you are moving into a home that had pet urine issues and you want to make sure that either your pets don't urinate on those areas or you don't have pets at all. 

Enzymatic Cleaners

There are cleaning products out there which are specifically made for cleaning pet stains and odors. While these cleaners do work best on fresh spots, they can also work well on older spots. The enzymes in the cleaners will help to break down the chemicals which make the smell while also destroying the chemicals that may continue to attract the pet to that area to pee. Generally, you have to make sure that the area is thoroughly soaked in the cleaning product so that it has time to work. The directions may say to use as much product as there was urine, but that only works for fresh spots. With older spots, you may have to make sure that the area is soaked for longer, since there is more to work on. 

You may love your pets a whole lot, but sometimes you may get really frustrated with them because they don't always remember where they are supposed to pee or they may miss the litterbox. 

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