What Is The Best Flooring For A School?

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Schools get a lot of foot traffic and cost a lot of money to maintain. A school also doesn't get the regular maintenance a regular business gets because schools often are paid for by the tax dollars of the people. This means that any funds put toward a single school have to be approved through a voting or other system, which can be lengthy and even denied.

This means a school has to have flooring and other structural designs that will last. Whether you are a business owner looking to design a school in your area or you are a contractor building or refinishing a school, you need to know what flooring options work best. Here are two main flooring options for school use that will last a long time and how to determine which style is best for your needs.

Solid Hardwood

Many older schools have solid hardwood flooring. This is because classic hardwood, when taken care of properly and maintained on a regular basis, can literally outlast many other structures of a building. Many older buildings have original hardwood, which tells you how long this natural material can last.

When installing hardwood for classroom purposes, pay attention to not just the grain and style of wood you desire but also to how hard the hardwood actually is. Since there are many styles of wood on the market for flooring use, you can find the right hardwood that meets your needs for durability under high traffic as well as affordability.

Hardwood, no matter how strong it is, is still a natural product that is porous by nature. You must have hardwood floors refinished periodically in order to make them last in a school setting. This is why hardwood in schools is often so shiny and slick — the finish protects the floors against scuffs, wear and tear, and dents.


Another flooring style you see in schools is linoleum. Common in classrooms and the lunch area, linoleum is easy to care for, attractive, usually affordable in various designs, and versatile in its use and application. You can use linoleum tiles in rooms where carpet is also used to create versatility or allow linoleum to be a standalone product for your school's flooring needs. However you use linoleum, clean and buff the floors regularly to keep them in excellent condition and to make them last as long as possible. Both hardwood and linoleum are excellent school flooring options.