How Waterproof Laminate Flooring Is Made

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When it comes to installing flooring in your home, a great choice for your bathroom and kitchen is waterproof laminate flooring. Waterproof laminate flooring is a great choice for areas where moisture is more common.

Waterproof laminate flooring is designed to resist water from top to bottom. What that means is that if something is spilled in your kitchen, for example, the flooring is designed to interlock and keep the liquid from getting under the flooring. This waterproof status is achieved through the unique construction of waterproof laminate, which is made from four distinct layers.

Top Layer: Wear Layer

The top layer is what you see when you look at your flooring. This layer is called the wear layer. It is specially designed to be resistant to scratches and staining that occurs through regular wear and tear. The top layer is what really helps protect your floor.

The top layer is water-resistant and prevents moisture from soaking through the floor. Water and moisture should pool up on the top layer, allowing for easy cleaning. This layer is thin but important.

Second Layer: Image Layer

Right under the wear layer is the image layer. The image layer is what you "see" when you look at your floor. The image layer contains the pattern that you see when you look at your floor. It is what gives your floor the appearance that you look at every day. This layer is also thin but important.

Third Layer: Core Layer

The biggest layer is hidden under the wear and image layer. The core layer is what gives your waterproof laminate flooring its structure. It is nice and thick and makes up the majority of the thickness of your flooring.

The core layer is generally made from a fiberboard that is dense and compressed. This is not a regular fiberboard. Instead, it contains special resins that make it harder for water to penetrate the flooring. If water makes its way to the core layer, this special fiberboard will not swell up with water.

Bottom Layer: Backing

Finally, the last layer is a thinner layer of backing. The backing will prevent any water from the top from getting under your floors. It also provides a smooth surface so that your floors sit evenly on the ground.

Water-Resistant Adhesive

Finally, waterproof laminate flooring is installed with the use of water-resistant flooring adhesive. This adhesive will not be damaged by water and is just another step in the process of repelling water as well. Water-resistant adhesive will not be broken down by the presence of water and will keep your flooring in place for the long run.  

Waterproof laminate flooring can help prevent water damage to your home. Remember, though, it protects your home from the top down, so you will need to put a vapor barrier under the floor to protect the floor from moisture from the bottom up.