How You Can Change The Look Of Your Hardwood Floors

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Having hardwood floors in your home can be a wonderful feature of your home. Not only does it age well with any home, but you have the ability to change up the look when you are ready. Here are the necessary steps to put a different color stain on your existing hardwood flooring.

Baseboard Removal

The process starts by taking off the baseboards in the room that you want to refinish. The floors must be sanded to the wall, so removing the baseboards is crucial to make sure that the entire floor is refinished correctly. In addition, the sanding equipment can damage your baseboards if it comes in contact with it while sanding, so it is best to remove the baseboards to prevent them from becoming damaged.

When removing the baseboards, try to mark where each one went around the room so that you know the exact placement. This will save you a lot of hassle when it is time to put them back on.

Flood Sanding

Sanding your hardwood floors can be very difficult to do on your own, which is why many people bring in a professional to do it for them. Keeping the sanding equipment on one part of the floor for too long can actually cause too much of the wood surface to be removed, which will cause a dip to form in the hardwood floor and go deep enough to expose the nails that hold the floorboards down. 

Dust Removal

You'll need to make sure that all of the dust is removed from the room before you can stain the floors. Even dustless sanding equipment can leave trace amounts of dust on surfaces, which will cause problems when you apply the stain. You'll need to go over the surfaces with a vacuum to remove as much dust as possible, then go over the surface with a dust mop.

Stain Application

Now a stain can be applied to the floorboards. It is common to use a roller to spread the stain across the floor, and then rub it in with a rag. The edges of the room can have the stain applied using a brush, going with the grain of the wood so that the stain gets into the grooves. 

Topcoat Application

Finish the job by applying a topcoat to your hardwood flooring. This coat not only gives the floors a nice shine but some added protection from scratches and having the color fade over time. 

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