An Epoxy Floor Coating Could Be The Perfect Choice For Your Basement Renovation

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If you want to put a pool table in your basement or turn your basement into a game room or storage space, you probably want to do something about the floor. Bare concrete isn't very attractive, and it can even let moisture wick up through the floor. A solution to consider is an epoxy floor coating. Here's why this is a good choice for basement floors.

An Epoxy Coating Is Waterproof

An epoxy coating seals the concrete so moisture can't seep up through the floor and so spills on the surface aren't a problem. If your floor gets wet often because water leaks through the concrete, you might want to use a primer made to waterproof the floor for extra protection before applying the epoxy coating.

Once the coating goes on, it seals the pores in the concrete floor so you have trouble-free flooring. If your basement ever floods, your floor won't be ruined. Plus, you can wet mop the floor to keep it clean and sanitary.

Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Clean

Whether you intend to finish the basement walls too or just improve the floor, you'll feel more comfortable using the basement for playing pool or organizing storage shelves if the floor is clean and sanitary.

Once the epoxy floor is installed, you can sweep, vacuum, or wet mop the floor so you keep it free of dust, dirt, and stains. Since the epoxy dries to a hard surface, there are no fabric loops or grooves that harbor dust mites, pet hair, allergens, or mold.

Epoxy Flooring Covers Up An Ugly Floor

Epoxy flooring goes on in layers. A primer isn't always necessary, but sometimes it can be used to cover up ugly stains, hide old tiles, cover up glue that held old flooring, and hide imperfections in the concrete. If your concrete floor is ugly now, epoxy can transform its appearance.

Epoxy comes in many colors, and you can even buy epoxy with flakes for a speckled look. You can make the floor a single color or get creative and paint designs on the floor. After the epoxy is put on, the coating is topped with a protective topcoat. This can make your floor look glossy so it always looks shiny clean, and it reflects light to make the space seem brighter and bigger.

A basement floor epoxy coating should last for several years. It's one of the most carefree and protective flooring options for a basement where moisture is a potential problem. An epoxy floor coating is suitable for a basement you just want to use for storage or a basement you want to convert to another living area for your home.

To learn more about basement floor coatings, contact a supplier.